Stretton Sugwas Academy 

Formerly Stretton Sugwas C of E Primary School




Honey Bees enjoying Log Fire

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Year 3 Honey bees enjoyed a lovey afternoon around the log fire.

They whittled sticks using a potato peeler, learning skills of how to use a peeler/knife safely.

They have enjoyed tasting nettle crisps, cooked over the log fire.

Lastly they used their whittled sticks to cook marshmallows.

The children were very well behaved, respecting the safety rules whilst around the log fire. An enjoyable afternoon had by all.

Honey Bees playing Woolly Worms

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Year 3 had a busy 'wet' afternoon playing 'Woolly Worms'.

Hidden in the woods were lots of various colours of woolly worms  (wool). In groups the children were pretending to be hungry birds hunting for worms to eat!

Once the time was up we re-grouped and discussed what coloured worms were easier to find and which ones were difficult, talking about camouflage  and why some animals/insects are that colour. Can you see Oliver?

Honey Bees Looking at habitat.

Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Year 3 have had another busy afternoon at Drover Woods. We were learning about habitat in the woodlands; what may be living there, and what type of habitat would they live in?

In groups, the children explored the woodlands searching for habitats, they found lots of mini- beasts that we were familiar with and one we hadn't seen before, after looking it up on Google, we found out it was called 'Devils coach horse beetle' (check out the photo!)

Once we had finished looking we carefully put the mini beasts back safely in their habitat.

The children then created their own mini-beast using natural materials found around the woodlands; this included mud, leaves, grass, sticks and logs. They could make one from what they had seen or use their imagination to create their own mini beast. Some children made a home for their mini - beast.

Honey Bees (Yr3) at Forest School

Tuesday 15th/21st April  2015

Year 3 from the Honey Bees have had their first taste of Forest School. During the first week YR 3 explored the woods, finding out all the  boundaries  and going through the rules in order to keep us all safe, finishing off with a game of 'Bear, Salmon, Nat'.

The second week, the children had lots of fun creating an 'Obstacle course'. Three groups made a course using natural materials found in the woods, with a little help of some water they created mud puddles, slaloms, balancing logs, limbo poles and many more. Each group took turns to complete the courses.

There was lots of muddy, wet happy faces at the end  of the session.

Queen Bees at Forest School

Thursday 8th January - Thursday 5th February 2015

The Queen Bees have been experiencing exciting times at Forest School.

We have played many activities with lots of running around to keep us warm during those cold windy days!

Our activities have included Muddy Face sculptures ( some of the children were covered in more mud than the sculptures!), stick towers, whittling, knot tying, woolly worms: in teams, children (hungry birds) had to hunt and collect as many woolly worms as they could, hunting high and low around the woods, some colourful some camouflaged; a lovely activity that  kept them warm in the snow!

Children also made shelters and we tested them to see if they were water tight, it appears that they weren't quite!

Queen Bees last session was a log fire, cooking marshmallows and popcorn.

Week Four: Preparation for Log Fire!

Thursday 4th December 2014
This week the Worker Bees completed activities in preparation for our log fire next week'; we collected logs/sticks and made stick towers,  used potato peelers to make pokers to melt their marshmallows and played 'blind line'; they had to put their trust in their partner to lead them through the woods blind folded.

Week Three: Tying Knots

Thursday 27th November 2014

Another busy afternoon at Drover Woods. Worker Bees learnt how to tie knots, which lead them into an activity where they made picture frames using clove hitch and square lashing. With their finished frame they found spots around the woods to take a photo, some used theirs to frame themselves! Look at the great job the children did in making our 'log circle'.

Week Two: Muddy Faces

Thursday 20th November 2014
This week the Worker Bees enjoyed a fun-filled full afternoon of activities; we played Hide 'n' Seek with a twist! Made Muddy faces  using natural materials (can you spot Mrs Steer? Thank you Sophie and Jasmine). The children also worked hard preparing our 'log circle' area by clearing brambles, raking and carrying logs. What busy Worker Bees we are!

Week One : Introduction to Forest School

Tuesday 11th November 2014
Worker Bees are the first class to experience Forest School! We went to Drover wood which is our site. The children were introduced to the ethos of FS and in groups went off to explore the woods and come up with risks that we must be aware of. We all discussed these and now have our FS rules set out for each visit to the woods!