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Forest Schools 2015/16

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Our Campfire is Cool

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Sensory Learning

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Worker Bees developed their senses and communication skills today by guiding others, blindfolded, around the woods to a specific tree.

After having their blindfold removed, the children then had to carefully use their senses and memory to retrace their steps and find the tree!

Children for the Chop!

Wednesday 25th November 2015

The boys and girls tried their hand at making tree decorations by using tools.

The class sawed logs to make discs, which they could then drill. The drilled hole would be for string in order to make a loop to hang from a Christmas Tree.

Shelter Building

Wednesday 18th November 2015

The Worker Bees had another enjoyable afternoon at Forest School today. They were given the task of building shelters out of the natural materials and objects around them.

Their shelters had to had a roof, sides and needed to be waterproof. This was because there was a very mean "raincloud" in the form of a large watering can coming their way.

The pupils had to test their waterproof shelters by sitting underneath them whilst the watering can was tipped over their masterpiece. Click on the images to see videos of what happened to some of the shelters... and the children.

Obstacles to Overcome

Wednesday 11th November

The Worker Bees had their second Forest School session today. The afternoon involved the children working in groups to create an obstacle course.

As well as problem solving and communication, the children had to work together to create their obstacle course in the time given.

Each group created something wonderful and everybody had a go on each obstacle course. There were many different types of obstacles used and everyone contributed something to their end product. Well done, class.

Worker Bees Buzz Around the Woods

Wednesday 4th November 2015

The Year 6 children were thrilled to continue their love of outdoor learning following Woodlands. They will be the next class to take part in Forest School with Mrs S.

The children had a great time playing the game Salmon, Bear, Gnat to work on listening skills.

After that, the class revised their Forest School rules before exploring their surroundings on a treasure hunt. The children had to communicate and work as a team as they each were put into groups.

It was a wonderful session and a great way to start Forest Schools again. What better way to finish, than to play a version of duck, duck, goose! We can't wait until our next session.

Year 4 Return to Forest School

16th/24th/30th September 2015

Year 4 have returned to Forest school this half term. They have enjoyed lots of different activities during the last 3 sessions. We have been very lucky with the weather so far (not a lot of wet mud for them to get dirty!) with the sun shining, lets hope it lasts.

The first week yr4 went on a treasure hunt; looking for clues around the woodlands. Each time they found a clue they received a letter, once they found all 11 clues they then had to  work out what the letters spelt.

The second week, Yr4 had a go at making cookies, small wooden disc that can be made into a necklace. The idea of the session was for the children to get use to handling and using a saw safely, starting with a hack saw and some of the children went on to use a bow saw.

 Mrs Hartley wore camouflage clothing and hid in the woods for the children to find her, she was very good at hiding because they struggled to find her. Can you spot Mrs Hartley?

In the third week, Yr4 practiced  knot tying, They learnt 3 knots; reef, clove hitch and square lashing. These three knots will come in very handy when they are making shelters! The children concentrated very well and with the skills learnt were able to make a picture frame

A good three weeks so far!

Week 4 Muddy Faces

7th October 2015

Another busy, fun afternoon at Drover Woods.

Year 4 spent the afternoon being creative, making 'Muddy Faces' using natural materials found in the woods.

We wanted the children to be as creative and imaginative as possible. Take a look at the ideas the children came up with and what they used. Many different faces and animals were made, and lots of mud was used to make the faces including their own!