Stretton Sugwas Academy 

Formerly Stretton Sugwas C of E Primary School




Prayer Requests

Take a look below at the latest prayer requests from people in the school community. All prayer requests have been checked by school staff before being posted onto the website.

Thank you for your prayer request. The boys and girls at Stretton Sugwas will be praying for you. Your prayer will shortly appear on the website once it has been checked by a member of staff.
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Why not send your own prayer request? Use the contact form to type your email and prayer request.  These prayers will be used by the children as part of their quiet time each week. You don't have to put your name on the prayer request if you don't want to.


Our latest requests:


Dear Lord, Please help us year sixes to remember the memories we had with are dear teacher Mr Ford.


Please stop people fighting,the ground shaking ,bullying and abuse , people dying ; most importantly people living terrible lives, not having food or water. Please help people to understand that they've got a lot compared to others. J.a.e worker bees


Dear Lord, Thank you for friends, family and everyone who helps us Amen


Dear god, Help all of them who sacrificed their lives so us and many more could with us today and always. We will remember them! Amen


Please look after our world, stop the fighting and wars. Amen J.A.E


Dear god thank you for all of the teachers and pupils at Stretton sugwas and everyone who helps us Amen


Dear god thank you for the trees and animals and I love my cusans Amen Evie


Dear. God. Thank. You. For. The. Presents AMen Lucas


Dear God Plies help. Me be good in our school and help me make People smile. Anna


thanks for an awesome last day at Stretton thanks worker bees I have had one of the best times at stretton i love it there thank you!! love harv and kenz xx


Dear lord,
Please help the year sixes get through the sats and have good results.
By Jasmine ellis


Dear God, Please stop the earthquakes in Nepal, And save everybody's lives. Amen.


Dear lord, please help the year 6s to do their best in sats and help them to fit in at high school and make friends Amen


Dear god Let us be kind and let us be generous and to give for all the things we have done. Amen Natasha Privett


Dear God/lord,
Please look after our world,family,friends and pets.
Hope you will let people have a good life and be kind and have friendships and not have selfishness.
By Isla Rose Wilkes.
P.s. Thankyou!



Dear Lord please pray for all the people with cancer and other horrible illnesses like that and for them to get better and do everything people can do. From Jasmine Ellis


Dear Lord, please be with those in our school community who may be ill at this time. Help us to show them your love and kindness.

Mr Ford


dear lord please help people to be happy and feel loved by you, please help people to stop killing endangered species and help people to realize how lucky they really are. A-men 


Dear God, Please look after everyone with cancer and look after my friends mum. Make sure my friends mum gets well soon and don't worry my friend. Amen


Dear God, Please look after animals in danger and make stop poachers from killing animals. Amen


Dear God, Please look after my mum and help her all you can. Amen Emily Cox


Please pray for my wedding! I don't want it to rain.

Miss Rees


Please could you pray for my wife, who is very unwell at the moment.



Hi children. Here is the first prayer request for you: please could you pray for all of the teachers and staff, for God to bless all that they do for you. Also, could you pray for all of the children in school so that they all feel loved, respected and cared for.

Mr Ford