Stretton Sugwas Academy 

Formerly Stretton Sugwas C of E Primary School




School Council

Stretton Sugwas C of E Academy School Council is comprised of 4 Year 6 children who are on the executive board. The additional members are 2 representatives from each class (total of 6).  The Bumble Bees (Reception) inform their teacher should they have any concerns and this is passed onto the council members.

Job Description for School Councillors 

The job of a school council representative is to listen to ideas brought up in your class and decide with your classmates which ideas need to go to school council. The ideas can make up the agenda of things to talk about at school council. Once you have talked about things, you must remember to let your classmates know what you have talked about and invite them to get involved in finding solutions. You should also let your classmates know if the school council needs volunteers to help with something so that as many people get involved in activities as possible.