Stretton Sugwas Academy 

Formerly Stretton Sugwas C of E Primary School


The New-Bees - Stretton Sugwas C of E Academy Pre-School

As you can see from the pictures, we are currently in the process of building our new pre-school building on the school site.  The building itself should be finished before the summer hoidays, to allow for staff to prepare it for the beginning of September.  Whilst we have been busy preparing the site, we are also busy building up our numbers on role at the pre-school.  Please click the links below to download the relevent forms to secure a place for your child and hopefully our 'New-Bee'!

Hereford Times Article

Below is a copy of our write up on the Hereford Times website.

New Pre-School Creates Buzz In Stretton Sugwas

There’s currently a hive of activity within the grounds of a much-loved Herefordshire school as building work rapidly progresses on an exciting new learning facility for nursery-aged children.

The pre-school, which will cater for children aged 2 to 4, will also be the latest addition to the healthy growth of classrooms and pupil places at the popular Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy.

TG Escapes is the firm in charge of carrying out the build and, although only beginning the work in May, are set to complete everything before the summer holidays- when there will be an Open Day at Stretton Sugwas for prospective new parents and children.

Stretton pre-school will offer 30 spaces per day for children aged between 2 and 4. In readiness for September, names are already being taken for future places.

“The reason for this development is to provide the best possible start to a child’s education, giving them continuity from as early as possible to when they leave us at Year 6,” commented Headteacher, Mr Alex Davies. “It’s also a chance for us to build relationships with children and families sooner, leading to a quicker settling-in process.”

Stretton Sugwas Academy currently has 5 classes of pupils from Reception to Year 6, with each class having a bee-themed name. The name of the pre-school class will be “The New-Bees”, a pun on the modern term “newbies”. With such a welcoming atmosphere and opportunities for a wider age- range of children, there is certainly another reason for families to swarm to the school.

For anyone interested in booking their child a space in the pre-school, please contact Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy on 01432 760282 for further details.