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About Us

"Bee"long: Our village

Stretton Sugwas is a Church of England Academy located in the picturesque county of Herefordshire. We are on the outskirts of Hereford in the village of Stretton Sugwas, which provides a wonderful semi-rural setting for our pupils. 

"Bee"lieve: What do we think about our school?

"It's a fantastic place to work. Everyone looks after you and it feels like a special family."

Member of non-teaching staff

"The grown-ups are kind and they listen to you lots. Our teachers love us loads."

Y3 Pupil

"Everyone is so nice and relaxed. It's well-organised and they're on-the-ball."

External Club Provider

"I love working here. Colleagues really care and take time to help."

Member of teaching staff

"It's fun and I make lots of friends."

EYFS pupil

"Everyone is approachable and they do take time to listen."


"I can't say enough how much the school have helped me develop."


"Bee"have: Making a difference

Our school is outward looking and value the voice of the child. We try to encourage children to find their talents and develop their skills so that they can impact the class, school and community around them to make a positive change. 

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