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E-safety ("Bee" Safe)

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At Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy, we take Internet Safety very seriously. With mobile devices playing such a key role in many people's lives, it is important that we help our pupils to see how such devices can be used safely and responsibly.


Our "Bee Safe" bee has been designed to help make Internet Safety more explicit and visual for adults and children. As part of the National Curriculum, responsible use of technology is also explicitly taught.


If you have any questions or concerns about the school website or any other aspects of Internet Safety, please contact the school's Web Administrator and DSL, Mr Ford, directly using the form below.


Our e-Safety Policy can be found on the Orchard website policies page.

Is there a problem?
Information on Staying Safe Online!

Click on the pictures below to download a poster regarding online safety.  Some great hints and tips for parents and children!

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