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News and Information

"Bee"long: Keeping our team updated

At Stretton Sugwas, we endeavour to keep children, parents and staff well-informed. Everyone is part of our team and we use Parentmail to send emails and texts to inform parents/carers of upcoming events and any relevant procedures or policy changes. We also use Twitter to showcase children's work and make our community aware of what's happening in school. 

"Bee"lieve: What's our team up to?

Stretton is a hive of activity each day. There's so much going on that we couldn't possible Tweet everything but please follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with what's going on. Some of our pupils even help to tweet under adult supervision.

"Bee"lieve: What's our team up to?

At Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy, we love to share celebrations and achievements that happen out of school. If you are a parent or carer, please get in touch to make us ware of successes that the children have had. 


We will take great delight in celebrating these in school. An example of this can be seen in our newsletters. Use the contact form on this page, email your child's teacher or give the office a ring if you have something special to share that will put a smile on your child's face as well as ours.


Keeping us updated on any changes in personal details, such as addresses and contact numbers is key to us being able to keep you well-informed. 

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