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Courageous Advocacy

Courageous Advocacy is a phrase that refers to the way in which we help our pupils to make a positive impact in their communities for the better. At Stretton Sugwas, this is integral to how we live out our vision. The "bee"have bee is the outward action of the nurturing of gifts, talents and skills - both individually and as part of a team.


For more information, our Courageous Advocacy policy can be viewed on the Policies page

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Pupil Voice

The School Council at Stretton Sugwas is extremely pro-active. It has been involved in many decisions affecting school life and is the voice of the children. The School Council even has its own Twitter feed that is monitored by the teachers. The Tweets are from the children and are their own views. In order to help the children bring about effective change, they need to be heard and what better way?

Global Gang 

Our Global Gang comprises of Eco Committee, History, Geography and Foreign Languages all rolled into one. They are driven and passionate about making sense of the world and making a positive change. This has led to impactful decisions around the school and the community.

It's truly exciting to see what the children believe is important to them and others and giving them opportunities to lead their ideas.

Partnerschools in Pakistan

We are delighted to be in a partnership project with three schools in Pakistan, as well as Holmer Academy from Hereford. Hira Foundation School, Alyabad Community School and Sun Academy are all from Karachi, Pakistan.


The relationship between the schools has led to social action projects, mental health projects and regular discussions on how to make an impact and positive change to the world around them, as well as reacting to the need and injustice that they may see.

Social Action Team

The children created their own Social Action group to help engage in the community and make a positive impact for the future. We believe that Social Action is the natural end-point for our learning, allowing essential opportunities for pupils to see the purpose of their learning by applying it to a meaningful context.

School of Kind

We are delighted and honoured to be one of only a few chosen to be pilot schools for the charity 52 Lives. Their initiative, the School of Kind, helps children and young people to realise the power of kindness in making a lasting difference in the world. We actively engage in projects and have our own Kindness Ambassadors in the form of our very own B-Team.

Charity Work, Justice and Activism

As a school, we regularly give to different charities. Often, these may be of special significance due to causes that are close to the children and their families. Increasingly, we are trying to use our charity work as a way of raising awareness of specific needs or causes within our community.

Activism is a way of making a lasting impact and effecting change for the better. We try and do both  of these in tandem in order to simply make the world a kinder and fairer place. Each month, we have a different focus in our assemblies to help inspire our pupils to reflect on what positive changes they can make as individuals and as a team to make a difference.

These logos also appear on our newsletters and social media to further raise awareness in our community. To help draw all of the festivals, celebrations and special days together, we have created a diversity and inclusion calendar so that we can try and link together as much as possible throughout the year. The calendar can be downloaded here and is not an exhaustive list. 

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