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Worship and Prayer Life

As a Church of England Academy, we understand the role of worship and prayer in helping people live their earthly lives to the full. If you would like a group of pupils to pray for you, a friend or family member, please click this link to email your request to our RE lead.


We also actively encourage children to respect the beliefs and traditions of other cultures as well as celebrating and appreciating their own as British citizens. You may see our British Values hearts displayed around school or at various points on this website. This is perhaps one of the more visible ways that we try and inspire all of our pupils to feel a sense of belonging in a diverse and respectful society.

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Stretton Sugwas actively strives to be a loving, welcoming and multicultural school. Disrespectful and extremist views are simply not tolerated. If you would like to report any such views, please use the contact form via this link to notify us and we will act on it as a matter of urgency.

Our Latest RE News
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By clicking on the image banner below, you'll be able to see just some of what the children have been doing in and out of class to help develop their awareness of their own and others' faith. 

The WOW Team are also incredibly active each day leading assemblies and are incredibly energetic in promoting RE around the school.

Children's Prayers

Staff help pupils to tweet their prayers. Using the hashtag #DearGod and our Twitter Name, @strettonsugwas, you can send prayers to us. Click here to view some of the children's most recent prayers.

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