Stretton Sugwas Academy 

Formerly Stretton Sugwas C of E Primary School




Mental Health and Well-Being

At Stretton Sugwas, we understand just how important mental health and well-being are on the development of a child. Children will not grow to achieve their potential if they are not fed emotionally. To help achieve this, we need to allow children opportunities to talk about their feelings. It's okay not to be okay. What works really well is when parents/carers let us know of any worries or disruptions at home that may be unsettling for the children. We can then allow time in school for children to talk and develop their resilience. 

As well as our open door approach, and the outside agencies that visit the school on a regular basis, the other strategies that we commonly use for developing mental health and well-being are:

The Feelings Jigsaw

This is a method of self-registration and "checking-in", where pupils move their individual bee onto an emotion that corresponds to how they're feeling. The effect is that not only does the child get to communicate they're emotions using an easy, non-verbal way, but the adults get to identify the children in need of intervention.

Parachute Club

Parents' work commitments can be very unsettling, especially if they spend long periods away from the home setting. We have a dedicated club for our children who experience this on a regular basis. The worry and anxiety often associated with parents working away and family disruptions can be discussed and strategies given to cope with this.

The club is a drop-in for those who need it and it's a great way of children talking to each other and offering advice too.

Peer Mediation

Thanks to our friends at Wye Mediation, we have an established team of Peer Mediators who receive training on how to handle disputes in the yard and help children to solve disagreements.

The team can be identified on the yard by any children who need a mediation, as they have an easily identifiable uniform consisting of a bright high-vis vest containing their logo.

Going For Green Behaviour and Kindness Jars

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Buddy system

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Worry Boxes

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Learning Mentor

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